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YYGTV is a game/program created by AracnoX.


This was created out of the starnge urge to make a whole series of projects for the members of YYG started by AracnoX. He admits he was very bored when he thought of the idea and knew he wouldn't go through with.

He states:

"When I saw the all the ideas and effort that some of the users wanted to put into this, I began to want to do the same, more and more with each comment"

"So I got started on something simple, a basic channel viewing program"

Then a user who goes by the name of General2Z posted up a gmk, which contained a view animations and made it look like you were watching a tv show.

"I then saw that sooner or later the tv idea would not turn out very well."

"So I made a suggestion and waited to see if they liked the idea."

They took the idea of users signing up for channels and posting their games for others to see as
A website was made dedicated to the project by a user who seem to have a very unique interest in this project.
As the YYG Topic became filled with many positive(and some negative) posts, the project grew larger and larger.

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Author's Description

I absolutely love this project now, and is at the top of my list.


Since the projects planning phase, reviews have been universally negative.
Many have stated that AracnoX stole this Idea from GMTV.

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