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(Creator's List of Favorite User-Cards)

YYG TCG is a game created by AracnoX.


This Game is Led By Me, and Powered By the Community. Members of YYG, can make cards, featuring characters from their games. Those who have entered more than 5 cards, will be an NPC, or an Playable Character. You can find the YYG Topic HERE


(Not Finished, or Confirmed)
"You are a resident of the planet of YoYonDus Gamus, or YYG"

"One Day, you feel an earthquake, one like never before, screams are heard through the region you live, the GMC."

"As a Young Boy/Girl, you don't really know what's going on, all you feel is fear, and confusion."

"After a few minutes, you open your eyes, to see that…….that…, you're parents are unconscious."

"You try with all of your might, to awaken them… after a few hours, you give up."

"A man comes, and tells you….They're Dead!"

"You could do nothing but cry, trying to hold back your tears from the public… or what was left of it… you run off into the demolished forest of Generaltic Chatums."

"After days of no food or water, you finally come to realize you're lost."

"As the hours past, you seem to become engulfed by fear, anger, pain, and sorrow…"

"Luckily after just a few more supply-less days, the same man from before, comes to you…"

"And says: Come with me, I know you are hungry, and you need water, or you may perish"

"He welcomes you to stay at his home, and you reluctantly accept."

"After Years(Six To Be Exact) you venture off to find the AdMiN of YYG"

"The Man, told you of him and about the legend of the AdMiN, and his power to reverse time"

"You hope to find him, and go back in time to find the cause of the EarthQuake, and stop it before it happens"

"You had realized that it was no ordinary earthquake…something, evil, something…monstrous had caused it."

"Before you departed, the man, gave you a tin case, which he ordered you not to open, until you reached, 64Diamonds"

"You gave him you're honor, and thanks, and said you're final goodbye to the kind man"

"You're journey, begins, and what will the land of 64Diamonds hold in store for you?"

"What does the tin case contain, and why must you not open, until a certain time?"

Author's Description

I've always wanted to do something fully community powered, sort of like this wiki.

I've always loved TCG's except pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, was unique, but I soon grew tired of it.

So I thought, "I can do that" But with My own unique style, and let the users decide on the battle system

I wanted everyone to have some kind of input, and so far we are still in the planning stage

So I want you guys to stay tuned, and keep an eye out on this!


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