YoYo Games Competitions

Around every three months, YoYo Games will hold a game creating competition. Entries must follow a set theme.

Competition 01

Theme: Winter

First place: Frozzd by 2Dcube
Second place: Garden Gnome Carnage by Ultimortal
Third place: Granny And Snowmen by RedSystem

Competition 02

Theme: Ancient Civilisations

First place: Ancient Ants Adventure by RedSystem
Second place: Caveman Craig by RhysAndrews
Third place: Tut's Test by KC LC

Competition 03

Theme: Co-operation

First place: ByteAlity Tower Defense by Erik Leppen
Second place: Visit 2 by Rotten_tater
Third place: Jumper Three by YoMamasMama

Competition 04

Theme: Save The Planet

First place: Greentech by Mr Chubigans
Second place: Ecorush by andywiltshirenz
Third place: Incoming Battle for the Planet Earth by hcs89


Theme: Game for handheld consoles (PSP)

First place: They Need To Be Fed by 2Dcube
Second place: Ninjammin Beat-Jitsu by LiamBarden
Third place: Nimbus Sky Princess by Swordsaintkyo


Theme: Discovery + Game for handheld consoles (PSP)

Announced on the 14th May 2010, this summer competition is still underway. The deadline is set for midnight GMT on the 31st August 2010.

Link to competition06 rules here: http://glog.yoyogames.com/?p=1009


YoYo Games Competition Rules

Amended June 5th, 2008


YoYo Games will run a series of game creation competitions on our homepage to stimulate creators to design and develop original games. The game competitions will be announced through the YoYo Games front page, the YoYo Glog, Mark's Glog, on the Game Maker Community forums, and various other channels.

The Challenge

For each competition a challenge will be formulated. This challenge will be described fully on the competition page and glogs. Whether a submitted game does or does not comply with the competition criteria will de determined by one or more of the judges. This decision cannot be appealed against. For each challenge there will be a deadline. The game must be submitted before midnight GMT of the date indicated.

The Game

The game you create must comply with the following rules:

  • The game must be created with Game Maker, version 6 or later (Pro or Lite).
  • The game must comply with the terms and conditions of YoYo Games as indicated on the website.
  • The game should be your own original work and you should own the rights to all resources used in the game.
  • The game should run through the Instant Play mechanism at the YoYo Games site.
  • The game should not change the screen resolution and should run in a window (rather than full screen).
  • You can submit a game you created in the past but only if it is not already published on YoYo Games.
  • The game must be submitted by an individual member, who will receive the entire prize in the event of a win. Please note this does not exclude team entries. Entrants may accept assistance from a team, but any prizes will go only to the submitting member.
  • A member is allowed to submit at most two games in each competition.

We reserve the right to reject any entry for the competition if we feel it is inappropriate or violating the rules.


The prizes will be announced when the competition is started and will vary from competition to competition. Normally there will be first, second, and third place prizes. Once the winners have been determined they will be contacted by email to provide their real names and addresses and payment of prizes will be organized.

Additionally, the winner (and runners up) will be given an electronic trophy icon on the YoYoGames.com site, and the winning games will be displayed as featured games on the home page.

Submission Procedure

Once your game is finished you must submit it as follows:

1. Publish your game on YoYo Games through the Share mechanism. Give the game an appropriate name, description and tags.

2. As an additional tag add competitionXX where XX indicates the number of the competition. So for the third competition use competition03 .

Changing your Game

Amendments to competition games are acceptable only until the deadline. Games updated after the deadline will be disqualified. To update a game file, go to your My Account page on YoYo Games. There you will find all your games with the option to edit them.

Please note: We can not guarantee that we will judge the most recently updated version of any competition game as we may begin the judging process for submitted games before the final deadline. To avoid this problem we advise you to upload only completed games.

If you want to get community feedback on a game before you officially submit it, upload it as a beta game and do not add the “competitionXX” tag. When your game is ready re-submit it as a complete game with the tag and only then post an entry in the competition post on the forum.


The submitted games will be judged by the YoYo Games staff. They will however take the play count and ratings of the games on the site into account. Therefore we recommended you advertise your game to as many people as you can once you’ve published on the site.

Please note: Competition entrants must not rate competition games. Any competitor rating a competition game will be disqualified.

Various features on YoYo Games may be helpful, for example, the embed mechanism and the Social bookmarking tools.

Judging will be based on playability, creativity, and overall quality. All aspects of the games will be considered, especially how well it addresses the particular challenge. You do not need to provide the editable version and, hence, we will not judge the game on how it is implemented.

Within 3 weeks of the submission deadline YoYo Games will announce the winners on the YoYo Games website, and through other appropriate channels. The final decision is at the sole discretion of YoYo Games and is not open to appeal under any circumstances.


Employees of YoYo Games and judges are not allowed to enter in the competition.


If you have any questions about the competition, please send them to moc.semagoyoy|noititepmoc#moc.semagoyoy|noititepmoc or through the YoYo helpdesk. Don’t expect an immediate answer though as we might need some time to handle all requests.

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