Yet Another Instant Play Plugin

Yet Another Instant Play Plugin is a Firefox extension created in December, 2008 by James Rhodes. It is currently used on RoketGames, Abubalay and various GMC topics.


Controversy arose not directly from the plugin, but rather the comparison chart that was created to compare instant play plugins. The comparison chart was eventually corrected.

After the release of YAIPP, the GMC saw many alternatives being developed such as GMArcade's Instant Play and Revel Quick Play. Arguments and doubts about security lead to other members of the GMC claiming to write their own plugins, eventually leading to KC LC hiding all the instant play topics until a decision about them was made by the moderating staff.


Secure on owner's site

Only runs with user permission

Per-site security

YAIPP was the first to feature per-site security, in which a list of domains is stored on the user's local computer. When running a game from a domain other than RoketGames, the user would be prompted to Allow, Prompt Always or Deny the domain from running games.

Run games on other sites

This the major reason most alternatives to YYG's instant play have been developed.

Game does not buffer each time

Some instant play solutions remove the game file's after the game has been played. This leads to the user needing to buffer (download) the game each time it is played. YAIPP does not do this.

Estimated time remaining

Rather than display a percentage of the file downloaded, YAIPP tells the user how long until the game is ready to be played.

Supports non-GM games

Unlike YYG's instant play solution, YAIPP can also run non-Game Maker games.

Play games offline

YAIPP includes an offline player, so that the web browser does not need to be started each time the game is played.

Runs on the GMC

Contrary to the comparison chart, YAIPP is the only instant play solution that embeds into the GMC. Other solutions require visiting the owner's website, or provide links which start external applications.

Customizable look

Progressive download bar

The progress of the download is shown. All instant play solutions now support this.

Automatic game detection

When visiting the GMC, the plugin will automatically apply itself to the page if it detects a game in the topic. This means that authors of topics do not have to specifically add the plugin to their topic, and the game can still be played through Instant Play. YAIPP is the only instant play solution capable of this.


Support for this plugin can be obtained by emailing the plugin's creator at moc.snoitcudorp-tekor|sedohrj#moc.snoitcudorp-tekor|sedohrj.

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