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Wubly² is a game created by 2DCube. It is a sequel to Wubly.


Wubly² is a puzzle platformer game, despite the prequel being a platformer. The graphical style hasn't changed that much since Wubly. The gameplay, however, has. In Wubly² you play as Wubly with a new grapple. And to complete each level, you must maneuver Wubly to the exit with the grapple, while avoiding spikes and other hazards.

Author's Description

The successor to Wubly, but it's very different. This one's a puzzle platformer game in which you go through the levels by using a slingshot! Has a level editor included.


Up/Left/Right/Down: Shoot Grapple
Space: Let go of Grapple
X: Kill Yourself (Restart Level)


Since Wubly²'s release, it has received very positive feedback.


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