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Wubly is a game created by 2Dcube.


Wubly is a unique platformer that has a "cartoonish" graphical style. In Wubly you must press a certain key (or combination of keys) at the right time to advance through levels without dying; however, when you are playing, Wubly's begins to need more sleep, food, or Wubly may need something to drink, and you must give Wubly what he needs, or else he will die causing you to lose the game.

In Wubly, there is a story mode, as well as multiple unlock ables.

Author's Description

Fast paced highly original platformer game. Hundreds of fun levels and about 10 extra minigames. Very well received on the GMC.


Up/Down/Left/Right: Press at a given time to execute a certain maneuver.
Space: Press at a given time to execute a certain maneuver.


There is a sequel to Wubly by 2DCube called Wubly²


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