User Page Template
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++ Personal Details
* **Name** The user's real first and surname.
* **Date of Birth** (use the format) 1st January 2008       If DOB is unknown and age is, put Unknown (age 20) as the format.
* **Gender** Male/Female/Unknown
* **Residence** Country **or** County, Country **or** State, Country
* **GMer since** Unknown

++ GM Details
* **Also known as** Alternative usernames (remove this if they have none)
* **Games created** Either an exact figure or an estimation, eg "over 25" or "around 40".

++ Games
**username** has created **only a few/quite a few/just one/several/other** games. These include:

* [[[Game Name]]]
* [[[Game Name]]]

++ WIPs
* [[[WIP Name]]]
* [[[WIP Name]]]
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