Ulrik04 is a game developer, with user on both the GMC, YoYo Games and TwilightPhantasm.
He started game developing in GameMaker in 2006, and moved to C++ programming in 2008. While using GameMaker, he started with a series of danish platform games with the character Gereen, which also gave name to his website, gereen.dk (danish). Later, he just made various games.

Personal Details

  • Name Ulrik Flænø Damm
  • Date of Birth 13th August 1991
  • Gender Male
  • Residence Hillerød, Denmark
  • Operation System Linux Ubuntu 8.04 / Microsoft Windows Vista SP1

GM Details

  • GM time 2006 to 2008
  • GML/D&D Split 100/0
  • Games Created 10
  • Well known? No
  • Commercial status? everything freeware or open source
  • GM version 7.0 pro


Danish only

Gereen - red Orang
Gereen i vandverdenen
Gereen og Orang Special Mini
Gereen Går I Fælden

English / Multilingual

The Adventure Of Hank VanSail
Sphere Break
Threat Of The Nazus

External Links

Ulrik04 at YoYo Games
Ulrik04 at TwilightPhantasm
Gereen.dk, Ulrik04's danish official website

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