Transformers 3DG1
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Transformers 3DG1 is a game created by TechnoSuperguy.


Stomp, jump, drive, and transform your way through a free-roaming city as Optimus Prime from Transformers G1! This project is quite incomplete right now, but I think it's time I finally show the 3D game I've been talking about for the last few months.

Author's Description

Being a big Transformers fan my whole life, I was thrilled to see the 2007 Transformers movie and possibly even more thrilled to play the DS game based on the film, Transformers: Autobots. However, once I discovered that G1 (that is, Generation 1, the original Transformers series that was on back in the 1980's) versions of Optimus and Megatron were unlockble in the Xbox 360 Transformers Movie game but not in the DS games, I was a bit disappointed. So, to solve my dilemna, I sat down at the computer, booted up GM, and started to work on this: a fully 3D Transformers G1 game, with a play style and physics very similar to Transformers: Autobots. I've been doing a lot of on-and-off work to it since March, and so far I have made a fully transformable Optimus Prime who can drive, jump, and stomp his way around a small, free-roaming city. I'm not a 3D expert and am very unfamilar with modelling programs like Anim8or and Blender, so Optimus and every other model in the game was programmed from scratch using GM's basic built-in D3D models, like ellipsoids, cubes, cylinders, and even floors & walls.

Unfortunately, I have already put more time into this project than I originally intended, and now that I have accomplished my original goal of creating a 3D, Transformers:Autobots-style game starring G1 Optimus, I doubt I will go on to make it into a complete game, or even finish anything on my to-do list.


Use the Up/Down Arrow keys and Enter/Spacebar to select a character for Player 1, or W/S and F to select one for Player 2.

Arrow Keys: Scroll through list / Move Character
Enter / Spacebar Key: Select a menu item / Jump (in robot mode) / Reverse Camera (in vehicle mode with Real Driving turned On)
Control Key: Transform
Delete / PageDown Keys: Rotate Camera

(These only apply in 2 Player Mode)
W / S / A / D Keys: Scroll through list / Move Character
F Key: Select a menu item / Jump (in robot mode) / Reverse Camera (in vehicle mode with Real Driving turned On)
G Key: Transform
Q/E Keys: Rotate camera

F1 Key: View help
F4 Key: Turn fullscreen mode on / off
Escape: Return to the Title Screen (if playing a level) / Exit the game


Transformers 3DG1 has reseved mostly positive reviews

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