The Power
The Power

The Power is a game created by Alexitrón. It is widely considered his greatest work.

Author's Description

The Power is a platform/adventure game with the focus on exploration and action, no puzzles. It has 5 different locations on one planet, and many weapons, items and upgrades. There are also plenty of boss fights and two different endings depending if you get all items or not. The graphical style and the game overall are simplistic but still I hope you have a good time.


Since release, The Power has been getting almost universally positive critique, the only real downside being its difficulty. It currently holds a rating of 9.5/10 on 64digits, 3.9/6 and a Staff Pick on YoYo Games, and several mentions in well-known PC gaming magazines worldwide.


  • This is the first of Alexitrón's games to feature any coding, although this amounts to only a few lines. Most of it is created with Drag and Drop.
  • Battled against the game Robbie Swifthand And The Orb Of Mysteries by scream681 in Game Maker Community's Cage Match. Lost the match (incidentally, RSatOoM won four consecutive matches, becoming the first Hall of Famist since the large Cage Match hiatus).


  • Staff Pick on YoYo Games

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