Techno The Hedgehog
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Techno The Hedgehog is a game created by TechnoSuperguy.


Sonic has mysteriously vanished without a trace, and Eggman is taking advantage of the situation by collecting all seven Chaos Emeralds. Next, the Egghead is going after the Master Emerald, which he will use to conquer the world.
The Guardian Unit of Nations (GUN) tries to stop Eggman by scientifically engineering a clone of Sonic. Using blueprints of Project Shadow that were salvaged from Space Colony, they build a robotic Sonic with amazing speed and power, codenamed Techno Alpha, but later scrap it due to a programming glitch. They then make a more natural-looking hedgehog, codenamed Techno Beta, that matches Sonic's appearance identically except for his neon-green pigmentation. Giving him amazing speed, a powerful attack called the Ring Shockwave, and an amazing Hoverboard, the GUN technicians believe they have created the ultimate Sonic clone; then they realize they forgot to program Sonic's most important attack, the Spin-dash, into Beta. Thus, they hide their latest creation miles underground in a secret Antarctic base, and forget about it.
Meanwhile, Eggman has discovered GUN's plan to stop him, and forges an attack on the Antarctic base in an attempt to destroy Alpha and Beta. Ironically, however, the attack actually frees the two hedgehogs from their stasis. Alpha escapes unseen into the outer world, while Beta goes after Eggman. Thus, Techno the Hedgehog Beta starts his adventure to save the world…

Author's Description

Techno is a project I started several months ago, when I was still fairly new to Game Maker. It started out a horrible piece of crap, due to the extremely un-Soniclike engine. Over time though, with suggestions from people who played the WIP, Techno evolved into a much nicer game. It's engine still doesn't match traditional Sonic games, but it was never really intended to.
Although Techno does have Sonic's speed, it's not very handy due to the level design, which is filled with platforms, badniks, and bottomless pits. In other words, levels are focused on challenge rather than speed.


Spacebar or Shift: Jump (press twice and hold to Hoverboard)
Arrow Keys: Move (no, really?)
Control: Ring Shockwave (only if you have 10 or more rings)
F3: Enter Password or Cheat Code
F4: Full screen on/off
Enter: Pause game (if playing a level) or skip cutscene (if watching a cutscene)
Home: Reset game


Techno The Hedgehog has reseved mostly positive reviews


  • Mentioned in Sonic Creative Awards 2007

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