Techno: The Gamma Project
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Techno: The Gamma Project is a game created by TechnoSuperguy.


Two years ago, the government initiated a secret operation codenamed "The Techno Project", and dispatched a team of scientists to a facility known as the Federal Antarctic Technological Base Underground That's Top Secret (or "FATBUTTS", for short). Their mission: To scientifically engineer a bionic "supersoldier" capable of protecting mankind from evil.

As a result of The Techno Project, two supersoldiers were created: a robot named Techno Alpha, and a cyborg named Techno Beta.

Unfortunately, the two "brothers" never saw eye-to-eye, and eventually went their seperate ways. Techno Alpha lived the secluded life of a loner, while Techno Beta went on to become a hero.

Since then, things have been peaceful. But a new villain has suddenly surfaced, and the two bionic supersoldiers will soon cross paths again on their individual missions to stop the evil professor Eugene Poolle from carrying out his plan of world domination, "The Gamma Project"…

Author's Description

This is a game I've been working on for several months. I designed all the characters, wrote all the music, made every last sprite, animation, tile, and background, made all the sound effects, voiced all the characters, designed every level, and of course, programmed the engine entirely by myself. When you first play the game it may not seem as though I've accomplished very much after all the time I've spent, but once you stop and realize how long it takes to do everything I've done, you'll understand.


Title Screen Menu Controls
Arrow Keys: Navigate through menus
Z: Make a selection
X: Cancel selection

Character Controls
Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Press once to Jump. Press twice to Hover or Double-Jump, depending on which character you are.
X: Shoot. Hold down button to fire rapidly.
C: Tap C to use Green Shockwave (if the Ultra Meter is at least 1/3 full), or hold C to change into Ultra form (if the Ultra Meter is 100% full).
Enter: Pause Game

Cutscene Controls
Z: Progress through dialogue
Enter: Skip cutscene

Pause Menu Controls
Mouse: Navigate menu
Mouse Left-Click: Make selection
Esc: Cancel

Misc. Controls
F1: Display Help
F4: Switch to / from Fullscreen Mode
F: Display game speed in FPS (Frames Per Second)
Esc: Turn off game


Techno: The Gamma Project has reseved mostly positive reviews

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