Street Bike Fury
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Street Bike Fury was made by Shawn64.


In Street Bike Fury, a game with beautifully made graphics and effects, you play as Max Nitro in his first action packed game. After refusing to pay your drug dealer at Darthlupi's pub, you get onto your motorcycle, and ride. You are equipped with 3 guns, 1 being a standard gun, and another being a rocket launcher.

Which you ride through the city, crashing everything in your path, and running over pedestrians, you are chased by people who were sent to get the money from you. Throughout the city, you will ride ramps which send you into the air so you can perform flips to increase your trick meter.

At the end of a wave, your bike changes so you can ride on water before, and then you land on a body of water. Often, there is a helicopter over you.

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Since the game's release, reviews have been universally positive.


Street Bike fury was entered in Week 80 of the GMC's Cage Match, but lost to Ninja and Pirate 67-63. [1]


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