Slime Online
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Slime Online is an online game created by BlaXun.


Slime Online was created by the GameMaker user, BlaXun. It was made using the 39dll created by 39ster and uses Jenner's Platform Engine. The game has various levels and quests for you to complete to get "further" into the game. There is no real end to the game. The point of the game is to collect all the Slime Points and items that you can.

Slime Online has officially been announced to be discountinued by BlaXun, but a Slime Online 2 is in development. Many private servers are available to play on.


Left & Right: To move left and right
Up: To jump
Down: To duck
Ctrl: Held down to open menu
Ctrl + [any number]: Emoticon


The game gets various ratings from 1 to 6 stars on the YoYogames rating system for mixed user opinions. A lot of players enjoy the graphics and the style of the game, but others argue that it's simply boring, walking around collecting points all day. The game has hardly any lag, but usually very few players online.

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Here is a popular private server for the game:
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