Sherman's Shnowy Showdown
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Sherman's Shnowy Showdown is a game created by TechnoSuperguy.


Sherman the snow monster has a problem: the annoying creatures of winter are trying to get into his cave! Help Sherman punch, kick, and headbutt them away!

Author's Description

This is my submission for the Yoyo Games Winter Competition. I made it in just about three days. It's a comical arcade minigame, with lots of humor splashed in. Hope you like it!


Up Arrow Key: Jump Punch (Use on Flying Reindeer)
Down Arrow Key: Kick (Use on Small Penguin)
Left Arrow Key: Punch (Use on Large Penguin)
Right Arrow Key: Headbutt (Use on Snowman)
Spacebar: Pause the game


Sherman's Shnowy Showdown has reseved mostly positive reviews


  • Submitted in the Yoyo Games Winter Competition (But lost)

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