Shakn Series

The Shakn series, created by ShadowWolf/DuskWolf/Shadow-Shaker, consists so far of 4 games.

Shakn (2008)

"Shakn" is a puzzle platformer, made up of 20 levels. It is simply about a strange chicken character that must collect corn, while avoiding some rather gory deaths, frequently brought on by something referred to as the "homicidal monkey". The gameplay is very simple, but the puzzles are challenging.

Shakn's Magnificent Intergalactic Extravaganza (2008)

"Shakn's Magnificent Intergalactic Extravaganza" (more commonly referred to as "Shakn's MIE") is set in the future, as the creator said that the character's name was "Shakn XXVII" (Shakn the Twenty-Seventh). It is still in the puzzle format, however it is not a platformer, except for several levels. The chicken drives a purple spaceship through some futuristic (sometimes epileptic) levels, with very agrivating controls. He must collect 3 different types of orb from each level. Much like "Shakn", the game has no obvious plotline.

Shakn 2 - The Retrieval (2009)

"Shakn 2 - The Retrieval" or simply "Shakn 2" is a puzzle platformer, just like "Shakn". The sequel has more varied environments, and multiple characters, but the biggest difference is that it has a plotline, which can be simplified to: Shakn must save the moon from a crazed floating alien. As in "Shakn's MIE", the player must collect 3 types of orb. The game also has many bosses, and collectable character trading cards hidden in places.

Shakn 3 - The Debt (2009)

"Shakn 3 - The Debt", usually referred to as "Shakn 3" is the third in the canonical Shakn series. It was intended to be another puzzle platformer, but the puzzles were somewhat tired, and the same or similar puzzles had been used in previous Shakn games. The music was plain and mainly single-tracked, but the graphics and settings varied greatly. The plotline, to make a long story short, was that Shakn had to save the world from being hypnotised by an alien who was trying to save his own soul from "Shadow's version of Satan". Unlike the previous two games, the player collects cubes, rather than orbs. There were also hidden jigsaw pieces to collect.

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