seiklus is a well-known game created by Cly5m in 2003.


seiklus is a puzzle platformer written on GML (Game Maker Language) with an emphasis on exploration. There is no dialogue or literary exposition of the plot. The game consists of various different, loosely connected areas the player has to explore, collecting both items to help on the way and floating "wisps" of various colours, which should optimally be all obtained. Seiklus has no weapons and no violence. There are various "hostile" lifeforms in some areas, but at worst they only set you back a little. It is impossible to die or get stuck. (taken from Wikipedia)

Author's Description

seiklus is a freeware exploration/adventure game that I made in 2003.


Left/Right Walk left/right
Up Jump


Since its release, seiklus has been getting pretty much universal praise. Praise is mostly directed at the game's relaxing nature, variety of activities (all of which are well made), huge map with lots of beautifully constructed areas, and lack of glitches. Criticisms lay mainly with the fact that you get little explanation as to what you're doing.


  • "seiklus" is Estonian for "adventure".


  • seiklus is pretty much the only GM-created game to have its own Wikipedia page.

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