Copying articles

  • If the article you are wishing to copy/use elsewhere has no name on the bottom of the page (usually in italics), you may freely use it. This does not mean you can claim it as your own work, however. The work can simply remain uncredited.
  • If the article you are wishing to copy/use elsewhere does have a name on the bottom of the page, you are still allowed to freely use and distribute it. However, you must credit the person/people that wrote the article.
  • Whether you're copying a credited work or not, a referral to Game-Maker Wiki is not needed (if you really want to, however, you can).

Adding GAME pages

  • You are free to add a page for any or all games you have made, however, if you have a series of games, it is recommended that the series takes up one page on its own.
  • Please only add links to games pages to the Games section if they are of decent quality. Any low-quality games found on the list will be removed.
  • Please copy and paste the guideline found in Editors' Guides to keep with the style of all game pages.
  • Please add a screenshot as you make a game page.

Adding USER pages

  • You may add yourself.
  • You may add other people if they have in some way contributed to the Game Maker scene.
  • Please copy and paste the guideline found in Editors' Guides to keep with the style of all user pages.
  • Please list all significant released games made by the user. Link them to prospective pages, even if they do not yet exist.
  • If you have a picture of the user, replace the Unknown Person picture url near the top of the guideline, after "[image". If no picture can be found, leave the Unknown Person picture url.

Adding articles

  • You are free to add any Game Maker-related articles, or general game articles that could in some way benefit or entertain Game Maker users (there must always be some relation).
  • If you wish to be credited if people want to copy your article, put your name in italics at the bottom of the page.
  • Please note that any articles posted here will be copyright free the moment they are posted.

Adding other items

  • Please continue to follow the style of like articles. For instance, if you're making a function's page, follow the style of other functions' pages.

Editing and deleting articles/text

  • Please do not edit anything if what you replace it with is of lower/less accurate quality.
  • Please do not delete anything unless it is totally inaccurate, or obsolete information.
  • If you notice a spelling/punctuation/grammar error, please correct it.


Swear words are not allowed out of context. A swear word "in context" would be, for example, a game name which contains a swear word. A swear word "out of context" would be one used to shout at a mediocre game.

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