Rockit is a game created by NAL.


Rockit is a game all about how steady your hand is with a mouse. It forces players to think quickly and make sharp turns in small gaps.

Author's Description

"A mentally disabled boy has got his hands on some homing missiles. Uh-oh. Second place in the TwilightPhantasm Mouse-Only competition"


Mouse: Guide rocket


Since release, Rockit has been getting fairly good response. Main criticisms focus on the basic graphics. The gameplay has been praised for being a very simple mechanic which works very well. Most praise is focussed on the music. The story featured in-game has got mixed response - some find it a good addition, others say it is not needed and others still have suggested the subject matter might cause offense to some (although this has yet to publically happen).


  • This was the third attempt by NAL at making a game for the TwilightPhantasm competition. The first was a platformer with an alien and his throwing pet. The second was another platformer in which you manoeuvred a robot around levels.


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