r!dicule (series)

The r!dicule series is a set of three games created by NAL. They are a fusion between a platformer and the old arcade game Breakout.

The series of games are named like so:

  • r!dicule (pronounced Ridicule)
  • r!diculetwo (pronounced Ridicule Two)
  • r!!!dicule (pronounced Ridicule Three or simply Ridicule)


Use your mouse to control the old bat from Breakout in these difficult games. Hit point blocks for the highest score you can get. In r!!!dicule, there are multiple levels, and you can choose if you want to bank your score and quit, or continue and risk losing it all.

Author's Description (for r!!!dicule)

The third in the series. Five levels, go through as many as you like trying to get as high a score as possible. Looks a little better than predecessors and has a variety of MIDI music.


Mouse: Move bat
1-6 (menu): Select option


All three games in the series received average response. Complaints include the speed and difficulty of the game, the fact that getting points is weighted slightly more towards luck than skill, and the illegibility of the menus. Praise is aimed mainly at the originality of the concept, and its simplicity.

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