Pyro Damo Stick Figure Version Endless Space Complete

Pyro Damo Stick Figure Version:Endless Space Complete,or PDSFV:ESC as it is commonly known,is a game created by Rogerrog A.K.A.Rashad Charles Bowman the 3rd.It follows the story of his first game,CJ Saga and is praised for it's sprites and originality.The main character is Pyro Damo,The title character.He,like all others in the game,has paper white skin.He also has Blonde hair and wears a red and black suit.He also has a gun.The second main character,Dead Eye,Has a sword.Not much else is known about him.He,however,is only playable in the sequel,Rise Of Darkness,and the remake of the game,which hasn't been relesed yet.

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