Particle Designer

Particle Designer is one of the first programs made for Game Maker with GUI , exporting, and importing functions. It allows the user to adjust values and view the outcome in-game as it would appear in a game. The project was first released on April 12th in 2007. The current version is 2+, which is focused on the support of multiple particles, emitters, attractors, deflectors, changers, and destroyers, and the exporting ability for the tabs. Particle Designer supports all of the particle functions for creating the system, including part_type_step() and part_type_death(). It also includes a codebox that can change system values in-game, a PDSF file save to save the system locations, saving or recording screenshots, randomize settings, and more features.

Exporting can be saved to the clipboard or to a file, and be imported right into Game Maker. Saving to file is in GML format, which can be imported to game maker, or opened with Notepad(or other word-processing programs). It saves all of the tabs with their tab names so that it can be placed into the object or room to initially be executed.

Particle Designer 2.3 also includes sample particles, and a detailed help file for added support.

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