NT's Blaster
Game Screenshot.

NT's Blaster was made by NT in 2008, for the TwilightPhantasm Mouse only Competition.


NT's Blaster, or Blaster, is an arcade shooter in which you control a plane with your mouse and must shoot the enemy planes. The objective is to earn as high a score as you can. Features several enemy types and powerups.

The entire game is played with only the mouse.

Author's Description

"This game was made for a mouse-only competition.

Blaster is a shooter. You move the ship with your mouse and left click to shoot. The game is endless, and the game gets harder as you move on. There are also powerups, and multiple enemies."


Move Mouse Left/Right: Steer Ship left or right.
Left Click: Shoot


In the short time NT's Blaster was on the GMC, it received positive feedback. [1]


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