Ne Touchez Pas!
Ne Touchez Pas!

Ne Touchez Pas! is a game created by NAL.


In Ne Touchez Pas!, you control a bird which must get through 16 levels, avoiding the walls. Very difficult due to sensitive controls and a need for very precise flapping.

Author's Description

WARNING: DIFFICULT GAME. I would rather you didn't complain because it's too difficult - that's intentional. After creating NAL's Jet Pod, I had an urge to create a similar game, but much harder. This is it. 16 levels, in a glorious two-colour palette, in which you play a bird who must flap his way out, avoiding the walls. A little like Messhof's "Flywrench".


A/D or Left/Right: Move
W or Up: Flap


The game has received mixed reception. It is generally enjoyed by those that like difficult games, and hated by those that do not.


  • The game's name is French for Do Not Touch. Entering ENGLISH as a cheat will change the title logo to read such. FRENCH, GERMAN and DANISH also work in translating the title.
  • The game can be played with several different colours by entering the colours as cheats. PURPLE, NAVY and OLIVE are working examples.

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