Nazo Kyougi Walkthrough

Level 1: Kill All The Mice
Jump on the moving mouse, then on the cursor.

Level 2: Look Very Close
The third block up in the stack of seven can be passed. Go through it.

Level 3: And The Answer Is…
Walk into the question block and type "…".

Level 4: "You" Needs To Be Big
Hold shift and type "YOU".

Level 5: Click 500 Times To Escape The Trap
Hold right.

Level 6: You Need To Be Small To Exit
Type "you".

Level 7: Don't Give Up Yet
Walk to the lock and type "i give up".

Level 8: Retne
Hit Enter.

Level 9: It's In The Eye Of The Beholder
Click the man's eye.

Level 10
Hit the number "4".

Level 11
Type "42".

Level 12
There are invisible walls around. Jump onto the block on the floor, then two stairs up on the right stairs, then left across. The best way is to trial and error.

Level 13
Hit A, then type "Nazo Kyougi".

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