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MooMoo is a game created by Ben Smith. It utilises features such as a system to log into TwilightPhantasm and receive special awards for certain feats.


MooMoo is a simple game. The idea is basic you have to protect your cows from the aliens who have come to cownap them. Using nothing but a bow and some pretty varied arrow types. The aliens come at night and try to steal your cows, do everything you can to protect them and hold out until dawn breaks. During the day you go to the store to prepare for the following night. You have an allowance to spend and you can buy what you like in preparation. Get what ever you will need for the night.

Author's description

"Using naught but the mouse and keyboard… O_O fire different types of arrows at invading aliens and save your cows from being cownapped Features online highscores and Award system"

External Links

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