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MonkeyFish was made by Brad Harms.

Author's Description

"Picture this. A wonderfully pixelled human foot is hopping and jumping around a textured isometric slab on top of a gradient-style LSD colored background, while throwing a brown monkey-like fish around in order to smash hordes of sideways floating bugs for points. Imagine the same foot bouncing around on colored spheres in order to gain bonus points before it misses a sphere and hits the ground. Am I on drugs? Maybe I am. But I wasn't when playing Monkeyfish. That's how it really is

Monkeyfish has great, clean, crisp gameplay. When you smash a bug, the sound and graphics are done just right to give a satisfying thwunk sound and bonus. The iso movement is done flawlessly, and nothing glitches around. Your screen will always be alive with strange colorful effects, and probably a flying monkeyfish, which bounces when it hits a bug and can cause large chain reactions before it sticks into the ground for you to retrieve. I never ran into any annoying glitch or misplaced graphical or sound touch— admirable stuff."

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