Merfermer (3D) was made by NT.


Merfermer is a 3D arcade shooter that has you play as a block, known as a Nerferner [1]. And the Nerferner planet is being invaded by Merfermers [2]. You must kill the Merfermers with your Neferner Cubes. You must use the power ups to help you kill them all.

The game features two modes, one that is endless and the other is a boss mode. In the endless mode, you must fight an endless amount of Merfermers to get a new highscore. In the boss mode, you must not only kill the enemy Merfermers, but you must kill the boss as well.

Author's Description

The game has two modes: Endless and Boss. Endless puts you in the arena againts endless waves of Merfermers and falling boxes, while Boss Mode puts you in the same situation, except with a boss. Press F1 for more information.


Up/Down/Left/Right: Move
Z: Shoot


1. Nerferners are black and white cubes that are constantly being attacked by Merfermers.
2. Merfermers are pink spheres or cubes that attack the Nerferners.

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