Karoshi Walkthrough

Level 0
Go right and jump into the spikes.

Level 1
Push button. Jump between the two crates and push the left one onto the button. Push the right crate as far as it will go right, jump onto it, and over into the spikes.

Level 2
Jump onto the highest ledge with the crate(without pushing the button). Push it left off the end of the ledge, and as far left on the lower ledge as it'll go. Then step on the button.

Level 3
Jump over the button and push the lower crate right until it's directly underneath the higher crate. Push the button, then push the lower crate until the higher falls on you.

Level 4
Push the blue button.

Level 5
Jump onto the ledge with the yellow button (push it). Fall down the right of it. Push the crate right so you can exit the dip, then push the crate as far left as it'll go. Navigate your way to the topmost ledge, and push the crate on it to the right so it falls onto the red button. Return to the left of the screen and push this crate right until it falls down the dip. Return to the highest ledge, fall to the right, then go left and touch the side of the electrocuting crate.

Level 6
Jump up and get the gun. Go left a bit, jump, shoot when you're at the crate's level then very quickly hold left to fall under it. (X to shoot)

Level 7
Jump and get the gun. Shoot at the lowest pink triangle. Quickly get to the red block and deactivate the wall as the bullet gets toward it. Then jump up onto the middle ledge and into the bullet's path.

Level 8
If not already done, push space to hide the control list. Get the gun and jump onto the top-left block. Shoot right to push the crate off its block. Then move two blocks right and shoot it until it's as far right as it will go. Jump onto the red button. Then jump on the small ledge to the left of the button. Shoot right, hop onto the red button as the bullet is about to pass the deactivating wall, then go directly beneath where the crate will fall when it gets shot.

Level 9
Collect the gun, then jump onto the second-lowest deactivating wall. Shoot right so your bullet hits the crate. Hop onto the next highest deactivating wall, then as the crate is about to fall onto the button, jump right. Time it correctly so you get past the blocking wall, then walk into the spikes.

Level 10
Get the gun, then push the crate right. It'll go past this room, push it into the second room until it's directly underneath a second crate. Hop onto the ledge just lower than the green blocks, shoot the green blocks so one crate falls onto the other, then push the lower one until the higher one kills you.

Level 11
Jump onto the top left ledge. Jump right so you land on the highest ledge (you will only be able to see your feet on this ledge, it's so high). Walk right until you fall on the spikes.

Level 12
Press K.

Level 13
Collect the gun. Jump, and shoot the pink block when you are at its height. Jump so you hit the bullet on rebound.

Level 14
Hold right as the level starts.

Level 15
Hold left as the level starts.

Level 16
Jump onto the leftmost ledge. Jump left to loop around the room and land on the deactivating blocks. Jump into the spikes.

Level 17
Jump up to the ledge with the crate, avoiding the buttons. Push the ledge right onto the nearest crate, then fall off the bottom of the screen.

Level 18
Jump over the gap with the spikes. There are blocks that appear as you near them - jump on these and into the rightmost spikes.

Level 19
Use your solid self to push the lower crate onto the crate button. Use your ghost self to push the upper crate onto this crate. Then use your solid self to push the lower crate until the upper crate falls onto you.

Level 20
Push the button and get killed by bins.

Level 21
Jump left.

Level 22
Wait one minute.

Level 23
Push highest button. Jump onto top ledge and push highest crate right and off the ledge (don't fall yourself). Jump back to the left ledge and push the crate right and off it. Keep pushing the crate right. Push the leftmost crate onto the crate button. Jump onto the pile of two crates and up to the right. Push this crate onto the button, then fall into the spikes.

Level 24
Push the crate onto the button. Push the middle crate to where the deactivating walls were. Push the rightmost crate onto the button. Then jump up and get the gun. Then go left and jump over the deactivating walls. Then up to the green block, Shoot it, and push the block on top of the button. Then go down and push the block under the deactivating walls to the right with you following. Then jump down and into the spikes.

Level 25
Use the wings and jump into the spikes.

Move towards the boss and let him jump on you.

Final Final_Boss
Go to the far right and jump onto the alpha block and into the boss.

Final Final_BOss
Grab the gun shoot it at the pink blocks, stand under the boss and let him fall on you.

Really the Final_Boss
You're the boss, just jump on the player.

Final Level
Just move right until you get to the spikes.

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