Karoshi 2.0 Walkthrough

Level 0
Jump over the ledges and into the spikes.

Level 1
Jump to the RIGHT of the movable crate. Push it left off the ledge and as far left as it will go. Then jump through the gap and step on the button.

Level 2
Jump over the bottom movable crate, then push it so it's just to the left of the upper ledge. Jump onto the ledge and push the other crate on top of it. Then push the lower crate until the upper one falls onto you.

Level 3
Go as far right as you can then jump up the ledges. Push the crate off the left of the ledge. Push it right onto the button and jump into the spikes.

Level 4
Hit the blue button until the number reads 3 then stand underneath the third large crate.

Level 5
Collect the shotgun then click yourself.

Level 6
Move as right as you can. Jump up and right. Jump up and right again. Move to the mirror - this gives you the proper level (mirrored). Move as right as you can again, then jump and right again. Carefully jump up and left twice (use the mirrored graphic as an indicator as to where you are). Then take a large jump left and hit the spikes that apparently aren't there.

Level 7
Step on the right-most block on your level (it has a small red dot).

Level 8
Collect all 10 coins. Restart the level (R) and collect them again. Walk up to the guy, and when he vanishes go into the hole.

Level 9
Jump across the ledges and into the spikes. Don't waste any jumps - your jumping ability decreases with every jump. You don't need the coins.

Level 10
Go left - you'll warp around the level. Hit the switch.

Level 11
You can level warp in this level - keep going through the gap the bin is in (it changes location). Eventually a crate will appear ontop of the disappearing ledge - hit the button and walk under it.

Level 12
Press K.

Level 13
Jump. At the top of your jump press L. Jump onto and over the L, and into the gap to the right.

Level 14
You can't jump on this level. Fall right onto the middle ledge. Fall right off this ledge, but as you fall go left. Then hold left and fall into the gap at the left of the level.

Level 15
Go through the gap at the right of the level. Push the blue button and go back to the first room. Jump up the newfound blue blocks up to the upper-right room warp. Jump through it and keep holding right. Then jump into the spikes.

Level 16
There are four buttons. Each one has a number of squares drawn underneath - hit them in order of 1, 2, 3, 4. On pushing the fourth a block will fall onto you.

Level 17
Keep tapping keys (avoid R) until the blue writing reads 100/100. After that all the blocks will disappear.

Level 18
Run out of air. Note that hitting a bubble will completely refill your air supply.

Level 19
Quickly run right (you need the leftmost enemy intact). Kill the other three enemies, jump up onto the upper ledge, then quickly jump onto the leftmost enemy and across into the spikes.

Level 20
Jump to the ledge on the right with a plant, then carefully onto each high ledge and into the spikes. If you can't do it very well, wait until the view is decent before doing the jumping.

Level 21
Jump to the highest ledge, then up and left (you'll get onto another ledge on a higher screen). Jump up these ledges and up to the third screen. At one block past the block with the plant, jump and hold right - you should fall off the screens and into the spikes on the lowest screen.

Level 22
Jump to the button. When prompted, type K:\>die .

Level 23
Hit the blue button then quickly get down to the ledge on the left and await cow justice.

Level 24
Click the red button and wait.

Level 25
Hit the first blue button and press R. Hit the second and press R. Then the third and press R. Then hit the red button.

Level 26
Repeatedly press K.

Level 27
Hit the spikes three times.

Level 28
Ignore the buttons, go to the right and through to the second screen. Go to the right of the level and fall into the gap.

Level 29
Click to destroy blocks. Make yourself a route so you are two spaces underneath the crate - there has to be a destroyable block between you and the crate. Then click that block so the crate falls onto you.

Level 30
Click next to (but not on) the red button. Then move your cursor under the block. Move onto the button, then quickly click under the block.

Level 31
Jump over all of the gaps with plants in. DON'T PUSH THE BUTTON. Jump over the button and go right - fall into the gap at the end.

Level 32
Don't push anything. If you do, push R to restart the level.

Level 33
In Wubly style, you can jump when you're positioned on a yellow circle. Time your jumps right so you can jump into the end spikes.

Level 34
Quit the level and go to Level 32. Jump into the cream-coloured cross (this will bring you into the building you originally couldn't get into). Then push the blue button and jump into the pixellated electric current.

Level 35
Keep tapping right.

Level 36
Go left. Jump into the end spikes.

Level 37
No need to do anything - you fall straight into spikes.

Level 38
Click to create blocks up to the the spike at the top-right of the room. You only get three so make sure you don't underestimate (or overestimate) your guy's maximum jump height.

Level 39
Don't press Q. Fall into the little tunnel to the right, jump up through the block with a small red mark and hit one of the spikes.

Level 40
Press D.

Level 41
Go left off the screen. You'll warp under the path and fall and die.

Level 42
Press Esc.

Level 43
Move out of the 32x32 zone you start in and push R. This will create a new guy. As long as that initial area is unoccupied, a new guy will be created. You only need three guys but more is more fun Tongue Make it so three are standing on a button each.

Level 44
The buttons are decoys but your guy is invisible. Use the buttons to get an idea where your guy is and jump into the spikes by going right, then onto the ledge left and into the spikes.

Level 45
Press Esc. You'll be on the level select with a guy present - jump him off the room.

Level 46
Your mouse will stay at a particular position from you. Jump so you're directly under the crate - DO NOT let your mouse touch the white block directly underneath it. Then very quickly zip your mouse to destroy the white block underneath it, so it falls onto you.

Level 47
In this level, your guy can't get through the mouse. Use the mouse to get up to the spikes. Hint: Jump, then at the height of your jump move your cursor directly underneath him. Try to stick to walls where possible.

Level 48
Put a music CD into your CD drive. Step on the button to play Track 1. As the music plays, the radio will emit sound waves - these will push the crate right and off the edge. Be under it when it falls.

Level 49
Press Z and your head will come off and start hopping. Jump onto it.

Boss Battle
Room warp left and walk under your severed head.

The Final Boss
Click all but the bottom 3 green blocks. Jump onto these, then over the grey blocks, and walk under your head.

Final Final Boss
Go through the block with a red mark.

Final Final Boss 2
Room warp right. Drop down to the bottom ledge and go left. Push the crate onto the crate button. Warp right, go up, warp left, and go under your head.

Really The Final Boss
Your jump height here increases with every jump. Keep jumping until you are high enough to make the top ledge and go under your head.

This Time I Swear It Really Is The Final Boss
Hold right for about five seconds. Push Z while still holding right. After a second or so you will see where your guy is. Go under your head.

OK, Can This Be The Final Boss?
Hold right until you get killed. (takes a while)

I Bet This Is Not The Final Boss
Move right, then click above your guy.

Untitled 1
Chase the spike to the end of the level then jump onto it.

Super Karoshi Kart Racing 2000 Extreme Awesome
Simply jump over ledges in each level until you hit the end spikes. (the last level will see you killed by your head)

Shadow Of The Bossus
Go right until you get to the edge of the ledge. Fall off but hold left - you'll land on an invisible block. Keep going left, but take the first opportunity you can to jump into the spikes (the invisible blocks do end early).

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