Johnny Series

The Johnny series is a long list of games made by MrKubus. As of May 2008, there have been 21 Johnny games. Because of the number of Johnny games, two fan games have been made by Cly5m.

Official Johnny games


Johnny 2

Johnny 3: Moonlightificated

Johnny 4: The Final Chapter

Johnny 5

Johnny 6

Johnny 7

Johnny 8: The Final Battle

Johnny 9: The Return

Johnny 10: Resurrection Of Mr Candy Monster From Hell Part 31

Johnny 11: The Final PG Adventure

Johnny 12: Back In Action

Johnny 13

Johnny 14

Johnny 15

Johnny 16

Johnny 17

Johnny 18: Add Sugar And Spice

Johnny 19

Johnny 20: Magikk

Johnny 21


Johnny's Nightmare

Johnny's Nightmare is a fan-game of the Johnny series, created by Cly5m.

Johnny's Odyssey

Johnny's Nightmare is another fan-game of the Johnny series, also created by Cly5m.

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