Global Game Settings

Global Game Settings can be opened and edited by:

  • Double-clicking Global Game Settings in the side bar.
  • Clicking Resources in the top link bar then Change Global Game Settings
  • Pushing Ctrl + Alt + G

Please note! These are applicable with Game Maker 7. Variations may occur in different versions.


Start in full-screen mode

When ticked, the game will automatically take up the entire screen (start bar and window bar will become invisible). When unticked, the game will run in a window. These only apply at the start of the game - you can later change how the game runs.

With Scaling you are presented with three radio buttons, which read:

  • Fixed scale (in %): [<number>]
  • Keep aspect ratio
  • Full scale

When the game window (or your resolution if in fullscreen) is not the same as the room size, these will affect how the game is displayed. Fixed scale will force the window to remain an exact size, regardless of how big its window is (although it'll stop the window from being smaller). A border with a specified colour will be drawn to fill in space between the view size and the window size.
Keep aspect ratio will allow you to stretch the view to make it smaller or larger. However, stretches will always be proportional for each size, so nothing will look distorted.
** Full scale** will simply stretch the view to fit its area, even if it means turning a square room into a rectangle.

Interpolate colours between pixels

Colour outside the room region

As a follow-on from Start in full-screen mode, this allows you to set the colour that appears when a room's view isn't filling the window/screen.

Allow the player to resize the game window

When the game is windowed, having this button checked will allow players of the game to grab hold of one of the corners of the game window and drag it to stretch it.

Let the game window always stay on top

When checked, the game window will always be above others, even if it's not the active window.

Don't draw a border in windowed mode


Don't show the buttons in the window caption

If in windowed mode, having this tickbox checked will get rid of the Minimise, Maximise and Exit buttons from the top border.

Display the cursor

Either draws or hides the default Windows mouse cursor while in the game.

Freeze the game when the form loses focus




Show your own image while loading

When checked, using the Change Image button will allow you to find your own image file which will then display while loading. When unchecked, the loading image will be Game Maker's default.

Make image partially transparent

When checked, the colour of the pixel on the bottom left of the loading image will become invisible, in the same was as with sprites and backgrounds. When unchecked, of course the entire image will be shown.

Make translucent with alpha value:

This sets how see-through the loading image is (in the same way image_alpha works). The default value, 255, will make the image completely opaque. 0 will make it completely see-through (invisible).

____ loading progress bar

No loading progress bar means just that - there won't be a bar on the loading image showing how much of the game has loaded. Default loading progress bar will make Game Maker display the default red-on-grey loading bar. Own loading progress bar will allow you to load in your own images for the front and back of the bar - the back bar will be a fixed width representing 100% of the game, the front bar will be the overlay displaying how much of the game in % has loaded.

Scale progress bar image

When checked, the loading bar's (front and back) custom images will be stretched to fit the bar size. When unchecked, it will be cropped to scale.




Display error messages

When checked, any errors the game encounters will be displayed in a small window with code line/column locations, etc. When unchecked, these errors will be ignored. It is highly recommended that this box remains checked.

Write error messages to file game_errors.log

When checked, a file named "game_errors.log" will be created and a list of all errors encountered within the game will be written into it.

Abort on all error messages

When checked, the game will automatically quit when an error is encountered.

Treat uninitialised variables as 0

When checked, the game will set uninitialised variables to 0. When unchecked, an error will show whenever an uninitialised variable is in some way manipulated. It is highly recommended that this box remains unchecked.


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