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<Game Name> is a game created by <Creator>. (put the creator as a link)

++ Description
Add a game description here. This should cover the premise of the game, and any statistics, ie. number of levels/characters. Also, you can include if the game has sequels or predecessors.

++ Author's Description
> A direct quote by the game creator, or one of the game creators.
> Each line should start with a greater than symbol followed by a space, then what you are writing.

++ Controls
**Up/Down/Left/Right**: Put the controls here.
**Spacebar**: Controls in bold, descriptions in normal text.
**Enter**: You don't need to worry about menu controls unless they're not guessable.

++ Reception
Talk about the game's reception here. Examples:
**Since the game's release, reviews have been universally positive. <well-known source> said "The game is genius!", and gave it a <rating> rating.**
**Although the game has been getting a positive response, people feel that it's not the best the creator could do.**
Do NOT put something like:
**I think it sucks.**

++ Trivia
This is optional. If there's any funky facts about the game, bullet point them here. For example:
* The game was originally called Hello, but was changed as <creator> decided it was a rubbish name.
* Even though this game is <game name> 2, there was never a 1.

++ Achievements
Again, optional (although if applicable, it should be included)
* Bullet point any achievements the game has.
* For example, if it's won, or placed, in a competition, if it has a staff pick on YYG, if it's been featured in magazine or website articles.

++ External Links
[ Put links to the game on game pages here]
[ Avoid links to pages with the same content]
[ Interviews with the creator about the game, walkthroughs, or cheats, are acceptable.]


**[[[<game name> review | This game has been reviewed! Click here to read its review.]]]**
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