Fractal Fighters
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Fractal Fighter is a game by Cactus.


Fractal Fighter is a shmup. It has black and white graphics and addictive gameplay. The goal is to break off the pieces of the "boss" in front of you until there are no more pieces.

Author's Description

"The game's your average stylish bossfight bullet hell shmup, with a scoring system that puts focus on combos. It's a fairly gentle one, with a rather friendly start for the beginners, although it gets a bit difficult at the last few bosses (there are ten in total, as well as the optional randomly generated bosses). The player is allowed to choose how many lives he'll have, but the scoring will drop the more lives you select.

The controls are generally pretty simple. Use Z to fire your machine guns, and X to shoot a laser that goes through anything, but has a lower damage/fire rate. You can also use C to find nearest hostile unit of the enemy's current active weapon layer. There is a trick to this though, if you align with the crosshair that shows up and press C again when you hear a little beep, you'll shoot out a few homing missiles. Enter and arrow keys to navigate the menu and to move the ship.

Hope you all will like it!"


Up/Down/Left/Right: Move Ship
Z: Fire Machine Gun
X: Fire Laser
C: Lock On


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