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Hi everyone.

This is a bit of a long shot, but I made a 2D vertical space shooter (titled: "Space Shooter" or "Max Force", can't remember which it was posted under) a few years ago and posted it to this community. I recently had to reformat my computer, and my Game Maker folder was one of the few things I forgot to backup! :S

I realize there has clearly been some housekeeping in the last few years, but I had hoped that maybe someone out there had possibly archived the games that used to be up here (or maybe just happened to download the game and still have it).

If anyone happens to have it, I would very much appreciate a copy of it. :)

Space Shooter by trevbottrevbot, 29 Mar 2012 02:25
(Juwaan)AracnoX(Juwaan)AracnoX 11 Apr 2009 23:25
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That would be me.

by (Juwaan)AracnoX(Juwaan)AracnoX, 11 Apr 2009 23:25

and started october 2008???

(Juwaan)AracnoX(Juwaan)AracnoX 20 Oct 2008 00:46
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(Delete Request)

So.... by (Juwaan)AracnoX(Juwaan)AracnoX, 20 Oct 2008 00:46
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