Fireblast gameplay

Fireblast is a game by Ulrik04.


A shooter game made for the second TwilightPhantasm content. You control a missile defense base, where you have to shoot down meteors to save the earth. Each meteor drops gold, which you can use to build new structures or repair/demolish your old ones. In the beginning you only have some old machine guns, but later you'll be able to buy advanced missile bases, which can pull back the meteors and is getting attracted to them. Also stabilizers can be bought, which will slowly stabilize the earth and make you regain lost health.

The game was made for the TwilightPhantasm mouse only contest, meaning it's full mouse controlled. Later, TwilightPhantasm login was added, using keyboard.

Author's Description

Shoot down meteors to save the earth. Made for the TwilightPhantasm mouse only contest ;)


All buildings will point towards the cursor and you fire them with the left mouse button. All menus are controlled my left mouse button as well. Highscore name input is also mouse controlled, TwilightPhantasm login is the only keyboard controlled element.


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