Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit stuff?

Currently you can only edit things if you're a member. See the About page for more information on joining. If you're a member (ie. you've applied and been approved), there are a list of tabs on the bottom of every page. Click the Edit tab to edit the page content.

I don't want to join, but I have a smashing tutorial/article that I'm happy for you to host!

Sure! Email G-MW at the support address (see bottom of page) with the item, and as long as it's not rubbish, he'll stick it on (with full credit to you of course). Tutorials and articles can be about absolutely anything Game Maker-related, although it's preferred that we don't already have one on the same subject matter.

You put information about me in Users that I'd rather keep private!

Email nal(at)nalgames(dot)com to notify me of any information you want removed. I'll remove it. Alternatively, sign up and remove it yourself if you want it gone ASAP. GameMaker Wiki is designed as an encyclopedia, not as an invasion of privacy! But if you're uncomfortable with anything stated here about you, I'm happy to get rid of it.

Can I openly nick stuff on this?

You can take anything written on this website, provided you don't call it your own. A reference link would be awesome, so if you do that, thanks.

Something you've said is a lie!

You could email us… or you could join and correct it yourself :)

What can I edit?

Anything that needs editing. Add to pages if you have relevant information not yet given, add pages you feel are missing!

How do I add a page?

You see at the top of your browser, it says ? Get rid of the faqs bit and type in your page name! Note that page names more than one word long should have each word separated by a hyphen: "-".

How do I edit a page?

There's a small button at the bottom right of every page that reads "edit". Click it. If you get a warning saying it is page locked, wait a bit and try again, or edit something else.

Can I add my games to the list of games, and myself to the list of Users?

With games, please try to only add those of high-enough quality/notability. With user pages, add away! If you don't feel your games are high quality, you're still allowed to put them on your personal page and give them each a page of their own. Same goes for if you're adding someone else's game(s).

Can I rate pages that I feel are really well written?

Yes you can. Near the Edit button, there's a button labelled Rate (x) (x being the current page rating). Click it, and add to it if you like the page!

I have a query that you haven't answered!

Discussion Forum is your best bet. Or just use your intuition!

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