Elemence Series
Elemence AuX

The Elemence series is a series of five games created by NAL. It is a spinoff of older game Blokkeid.

Games in the Elemence series


This is the original Elemence game. It features twenty-eight levels, and four different "powers".

Elemence Refined

The original Elemence game, with a red interface and modified levels to make the game much more difficult.

Elemence Easy!

The original Elemence game, with a green interface, unlimited power usage and easier levels.

Elemence Gold

The original Elemence game, with revamped graphics and interface, three difficulties and an added Master mode.

Elemence AuX

Elemence AuX with improvements in many areas, an added Awesome mode, and other modifications.


Elemence RTU

An all-new Elemence, with a new graphical style, better gameplay and more extra features.


Elemence Z

A 2.5D Elemence in which two planes existed, and you could use special blocks to move between the two. A collaboration with Ben Smith, cancelled due to lack of interest and dodgy gameplay.

Elemence ZII

A 3D Elemence set with 3rd person perspective. Cancelled due to difficulty of programming; turned into FPS WIP Cubeworld.


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