Dungeon Warrior 2005

Dungeon Warrior was a platform based Game Maker game by media company Spike Industries Studios. The game followed the adventures of a hero on his quest to escape a prison and traverse the land to save his brother from the evil king. The hero would have to collect items, complete mazes, defeat bosses and use the help of friends who he would also save along the way.

The game was released as a demo in late 2005 to the public where it was received fairly well. Dungeon Warrior was set to release the next year when Spike Industries suddenly hit a computer virus and lost the game among several other media projects. Devastated, the game never saw the light and was dropped for years to come.

In 2011, Spike Industries announced that they were reviving the project, bringing far better graphics and an updated story to the plate. Dungeon Warrior: Legend of the Blue Diamond is planned to release in summer 2012 for PC and Nintendo DS.

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