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Destructivator is a game created by Pug Fugly.


Destructivator is a retro styled platformer. In Destructivator, the world's time of peace is over and it is up to Destructivator, a part man, part machine that has no fear or mercy. As Destructivator you must go through 20 difficult levels to bring peace back to the world.

The gameplay is fairly simple: You clear the rooms of all enemies before moving on. You are armed with a gun and must maneuver yourself carefully so the enemies won't kill you. Each level has platforms and ladders. And as you progress in the game, the scenery changes and new enemies appear.

Author's Description

A retro style platform shooter. 20 levels of fun and frustration, original music, classic arcade action.


Left/Right: Move Left or Right
Down: Duck
Z: Jump
X: Shoot


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