Cutting Run!
Cutting Run!

Cutting Run! is a game created by NAL. It was created as a minigame for Orbiter, a collaborative project by TwilightPhantasm, and included as a bonus minigame upon completion of Welcome To Puzzle Valley.


Cutting Run! uses an original control method to make its jump/duck/shoot action more interesting. To jump, you have to move your mouse up. To duck, you move it down. To shoot, you move it right. There is one level, in which you must dodge crates for as long as possible. Some cannot be dodged and must be shot through. Your final score is the number of seconds you survived between the game start and losing three lives.


Mouse Up: Jump
Mouse Down: Duck
Mouse Right: Shoot


  • The game was the second of two games made for Orbiter. The first was another minigame called Supermoves.

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