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Crimelife and Crimelife 2 are games by Sakisa. The latter is the most played game on YoYo Games; the former is in the top 20.


In the Crimelife games, you explore a city, gunning down pedestrians, carjacking, crashing and generally playing about. The former is styled like Rockstar game Grand Theft Auto 2, the latter is in full 3D and hence is more styled like Grand Theft Auto 3 and later GTAs.

Author's Description


The ultimate top-down GTA clone created with GM.

Crimelife 2

Crimelife 2 is a full-3D GTA clone with advanced graphics and physics. You can freeroam around the new huge city. Shoot people and explode vehicles with 7 weapons including uzis, shotguns, rocket launchers and more. Purchase more weapons from Weapon-Nation shop.
Drive a car from 16 available, all different in appearance and interior. Enter a building to explore the rich content and many, many other things.


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Since release, both Crimelife games have been getting very varied response. Some believe they are brilliant Grand Theft Auto adaptations, and really pushing the boundaries of Game Maker. Others feel they are greatly overrated, what with the lack of any missions, and in the original's case, no police action either.


  • Crimelife 2 was originally uploaded on YoYo Games under the account Sakis25 (the real creator using the account name Sakisa). After a great deal of argument and several weeks where the game was actually taken off the website by staff, the game was finally assigned to its rightful owner.


  • Both Crimelife games have a staff pick on YoYo Games.

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