Clean Asia! Review


A psychedelic dip into the sort of thing Japan would relish. Clean Asia! is a game that captures what makes GameMaker brilliant, then rubs it into your face how much you can't do it right. It's not boastful though, it's the sort of thing that people would see running in an arcade, and immediately want a go. After failing miserably they'd go on it again… and again… and again… until they were out of cash. Being an arcade game fan anyway, I absolutely adore this. You must download it. For most people, because it's cracking fun. For arcade-game-haters, because it's the prettiest game here to date, even beating similar-yet-colourless Fractal Fighter. 5 stars.

Pros & Cons

:) Original
:) Replayable if you enjoy it
:) Great musical score

:( Difficult


Aspect Score
Gameplay 09 Great fun for shmup fans
Graphics 07 Good looking, although simple
Originality 10 Never seen this sort of thing done before
Replayability 08 If the difficulty doesn't deter you, you'll be back
Sound 08 Great music, sound is minimal but not bad
Overall 08
A great game you won't regret playing.

Reviewed by NAL
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