Byteality Tower Defense

Byteality Tower Defence is a vector-style arcade game of Tower Defense. The object of the game is to get enough kills to meet the goal of the level without losing your bases. There are quite a few towers to choose from for each level, gaining more types after more and more levels. There are over 100 levels in the game, but you only start off with 4. The enemies move in waves along the path, in a sequence of different types of enemies with varying speed, number, and strength, followed by a boss. When enemies are killed, money is rewarded so the player can build more towers to defend the base and gain more kills.

There are only two modes in the game, campain, and level editor. Campain allows you to create multiple profiles for your progress on unlocking levels. Custom maps allows you to create and play custom maps. The editor includes all of the options a normal match would have. There are also a lot of settings that you can change in the game for graphics, color, and other options. Finally, the game supports both English and Netherlands.

The gamewas created by Erik Leppen, and was added to YoYoGames on August 23rd, 2008. It was entered in competition 3, and it was also featured on the site.

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