Burn The Trash
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Burn The Trash is a game created by Cactus.

Author's Description

This is another shoot em up with a very stylish presentation. The graphics are supposed to look like an old arcade game on drugs.

When the game starts you have three minutes to kill as many enemies as possible. Everytime you kill something, the time extends by a few fractions of a second.

You have two ships that you can switch between while playing. The first one has a huge fire beam that constantly grows larger until you
overheat and explode. You also have an antibullet flame that you can use to clear the screen of bullets. Pressing both fire and secondary fire > at once activates a huge flame that is highly destructive, but overheats very fast.

The second ship has two smaller bullet streams as a main weapon, and a laser that clears bullets of the screen without a need for aiming.
Pressing both attack buttons at once makes the ship spew out a barrage of missiles that are very powerful, but they lack accuracy, and the
smoke they emitt can obscure your view.

The game comes with an online highscore table and a few options. You can choose to turn off the motion blur and play a randomly generated
level if you prefer some variation.


  • Shoot: Z
  • Defend: X
  • Super Attack: Z+X
  • Move: Arrow keys
  • Start Game: Enter
  • Disable/Enable Motion Blur: F1
  • Access Score Board: F2
  • Enable/Disable Random Mode: F3


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