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Ark 22 was created by Srehpog.


Ark 22 is an adventure game that takes place in the future. After a crash in space, the ship which you were on crashes to a planet. Your people are scattered around the planet, some with supplies others don't have. After 2 months of fading in and out of conscious , you awake.

After awakening, you learn that pieces of the ship have been stolen … by something, and explore. The game's graphics look similar to that of old Zelda games.

Author's Description

An epic space-age adventure. Spanning over 10 hours' gameplay, Ark 22 combines classic puzzle elements with fast-paced action, sidequests, minigames, upgrades, collectibles, and a huge game world to explore.


Up/Down/Left/Right: Move Player.
Esc: Bring up Pause Menu/Exit Game.


Since the game's release in 2005, the game has gotten positive, as well as some negative feedback.[1]


  • Ark 22 has gotten a Staff Pick on YoYo Games.
  • Ark 22 has won matches in the GMC's Cage Match.[2] As well as entering the Cage Match Hall of Fame (Week 70). [3]


The official page contains links to a Let's plat video:


  • Statue: New Samosa Village, Right-most man in Sick Bay
  • Marbles: Gaming House, Right-most man at Left Table
  • Batteries: Northeast Village, Man in Gaming House
  • CD (V2): Northeast Village, Lower-Left Man in Coffee House
  • Cocktail: Gaming House, Man on Second Floor
  • Broken Glass: Lakeside Landing, Blue Man in Coffee House
  • Rock: Kytri Mine Factory (North of New Samosa Village), Upper-Left Man
  • Key: Lake, Man on South-East Island
  • Box: Northeast Village, Middle Green Man


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