Apple's Jet Challenge
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Apple's Jet Challenge was made by NT in 2008. It is commonly abbreviated as AJC.


Apple's Jet Challenge is an arcade shooter game in which you must control and apple and shoot down the enemy apples and other fruit, while staying in the air.

It features only one, endless, mode of gameplay in which you must kill as many enemies as you can before you die. The enemies vary from rotten apples to oranges and bananas in a UFO. There are also cheats [1] in the game.

Author's Description

Apple's Jet Challenge is a shooter/shmup game in which you play the role of an apple. You are equipped with jet packs and a gun. You must shoot all the rotten apples to try and reach a new highscore, with the aid of powerups.


Up: Thrust into the air.
Left/Right: Move left or right.
Mouse: Aim your gun.
Left-Click: Shoot


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