Ad Nauseam 2
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Ad Nauseam 2 is a game created by Cactus.


Ad Nauseam 2 is a shmup. The gameplay is simple, you shoot everything that appears before it kills you. Whenever you kill an enemy, it may drop a plus (+) or a minus (-). The plus upgrades your ship, while the minus downgrades it. You can shoot a normal blast, cause a shockwave, or combine both to form a stronger fire. The shockwave and your stronger attack is limited, and it is shown in the background.

Author's Description

This game is not your typical shoot 'em up. There's really no room for bullet dodging here, just blow everything up before it hits you.


Up/Down/Left/Right: Move Ship
Z: Standard Fire
X: Shockwave
Z+X: Alternative (Stronger) Fire


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