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Acidbomb is a game created by Mr. Chubigans.


In Acidbomb you control an SDU, a device that is used to defuse bombs. The SDU detects the pistons from it's center location, to all the way left, right, up, and down. Each bomb has a certain number of pistons, and you must mark each piston with a "!".

Author's Description

Acidbomb is a game where you must defuse the bomb in a short amount of time. From napalm to nuclear, > to biological and terrorism, it's up to you to make America safe again. NOTE: this game is the Lite version > w/o any music. You can get the music pack for this game at[1][2]

Acidbomb is a fifty level puzzle game where you must find the pistons used to trigger a bomb and defuse >them before time runs out. There are many bombs scattered around the world, from biological bombs that > have hair-sensitive triggers to napalm bombs that are exploding at the seams, to nuclear warheads that >have challenged even the highest trained bomb defusal agent.
Along with this game you get the Virtual Bomb Simulator which allows you to make your own bombs, and a > minigame called Ac!drop that is completely different from the rest of the gameā€¦but you'll see that for >yourself.
Given that all the bombs in the game have random pistons, you will never EVER solve a bomb the same >way twice. Ever. [3]


Up/Down/Left/Right: Move SDU
Numpad: 8/2/6/4: Move SDU
Left-Click: Place an X or ?.
Right-Click: Diffuse piston. (Mark !)
Enter: Set Timer to 10.


Acidbomb has been very well received on both the GMC[4] and YoYo Games[5].



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