Aces High Over Verlor Island
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Aces High Over Verlor Island is a game created by FredFredrickson.


Aces High Over Verlor Island, or AHOVI, is a beautiful 3D arcade shooter. The game has three modes for you to do. In Dog Fight you battle against computer controlled planes. In Survival you must dodge the enemies as long as you possibly can. In Balloon Burst you must pop as many balloons as possible in the time limit.

Author's Description

AHOVI is a 3D top-down arcade shooter where you pilot a biplane, and compete against other people online, or against yourself (and the clock) in the 3 single player modes. You are capable of performing a few special maneuvers, and various power-ups occasionally appear in order to help you stay alive.


Left/Right: Steer Plane left or right.
Up: Accelerate
Down: Slow Down
Double Tap Left/Right: Roll Left/Right
Double Tap Down: Backflip
Space: Shoot


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